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How to Choose and Maintain A Quartz Worktop?

Maintain Quartz Worktops

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where people spend most of their time making delicious meals for everyone. Many people remodel their kitchens to get a chic and alluring look that helps them spend quality time in the kitchen.

Quartz Worktop has become a top choice for many homeowners when selecting the worktop for their kitchens. If you are considering a quartz worktop for your home, then this blog will help you decide on the factors to consider for the selection of the quartz worktop and how to maintain it once installed.

Benefits of Choosing Quartz Worktops

But before moving further, you need to know the benefits that come with a quartz worktop:

  • It is solid and composed of quartz crystals, resins and other pigments, making it highly robust and durable.
  • It is timeless, with fewer chances of scratches, stains and other wear and tear.
  • It is highly diverse, offering customers myriad intricate designs and colours for an embellished finish that complements the aesthetic appeal of your interior.
  • They are non-absorbent and non-porous.
  • It is low maintenance and offers superior sanitation and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Apart from its functionality, it adds an elegant look to your kitchen and adds value to it, making it a profitable investment.
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How To Choose The Right Quartz Worktop: 5 Things to Consider

  • Your Interior/Aesthetics:

Look around and see what the interior of your home is. Consider your option if you want a contrasting shade or monochromic colour, which is easier to choose if you are remodelling the entire house or kitchen. Also, consider the lighting in your kitchen and how various colours look under the light. Try different samples to know the right colour.

Quartz Worktop comes in different finishes. Once the colour is selected, look for finishes like polished, honed and leathered. The polished finish gives you a glassy, vibrant finish, while honed polish gives a subtle matte look. If you are more detail-oriented, go for a leathered finish, as it offers more texture and depth to the worktop.

  • Thickness and Edges

Quartz worktop is sturdy but may break or have cracks due to over-burden. Check the appliances and consider the usage of the worktop to decide the thicknesses. Greater thickness ensures a more robust worktop. However, many people opt for thin worktops, too, as they are more affordable and sleek. You can also take consultation from experts.

Edges might not be under your consideration, but edges are the game changers. They are as essential as the colours and patterns themselves. Just a mere change in edge can transform the entire outlook of the same stone. These little details will help you get the best finish and choice for the kitchen worktop.

  • Precise Measurements¬†

Give accurate measurements to the company before installation so they can customise the worktops according to your needs. However, consulting an expert is advisable. Many companies like Granite Tops UK even offer free quotes to clients. The professionals take more precise measurements that are important for a befitted and hassle-free experience.

  • Budget

Quartz worktop has many colours, qualities, patterns, designs, and variations. They come at different costs. So, design your budget and start searching for options within that budget. But you should consider that it is a one-time investment and is profitable in terms of adding value, functionality and strength to your kitchen, so choose wisely and invest a reasonable amount for longevity and a good finish.

  • A Reliable Company

All the aforementioned factors are essential, but the most crucial step is to choose the right company to help and guide you throughout, from the selection to the installation process. They help you select, take measurements, get expert advice and have a stress-free experience. Check the companies online and choose an experienced company. Also, read the testimonials to get a review.

Granite Tops UK is the top provider of Quartz worktops. We offer myriad colours, patterns and designs at market-competitive prices.

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Maintainance Tips for Quartz Worktop

The challenging part has not ended yet. The installation process is easy; however, maintenance might sound burdensome. Though it is low maintenance, to enhance the longevity and keep them in good shape, we have compiled some tips for you to maintain your

Clean your Worktop:

Regularly clean your worktop with soapy water or a gentle cleaner, rinse it with water and then dry it with a clean cloth like e-cloth or microfibre. It will help clean any stains or dirt and maintain the shine.

Avoid These:

  • Avoid using acidic or harmful chemicals to cleanse.
  • Avoid spilling acidic or carbonated drinks, as they can be harmful. Also, avoid oil from touching the worktops. Oils can reduce the shine and radiance of the worktop and cause smears.
  • Do not place hot pans or oven trays; it can damage the worktop.
  • Ward off the use of bleach or such strong chemicals that cause decolouration and fade the shine. In the case of spillage, clean it immediately.
  • Do not cut or place the stain-causing fruits or vegetables like beetroots to avoid any colours and stains.

Sanitise it Regularly:

  • Being non-porous in nature, the quartz worktop already provides top-level hygiene; however, sanitise it with a disinfectant to make it bacteria-free and enjoy prime hygiene.

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