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Granite Kitchen Worktops in Edinburgh

Granite is a naturally existing luxury material that can never go out of fashion. Qualified for all types of applications, it is one of those robust materials on earth that was interestingly formed millions of years ago below the earth’s surface. Worktops built from granite are strikingly beautiful and have countless advantages, making it an ideal pick for worktops.

Granite Tops UK is a leading company providing top-quality granite worktops in Edinburgh. If you need an exclusive look for your home, a granite worktop is your best option.

Benefits of Granite Worktops

Naturally Beautiful: Granite rock originated millions of years ago with naturally existing minerals, so there is a lot of variation in its patterns and designs. It is not possible that two different pieces of granite are precisely the same, which is the beauty of granite worktops.

Highly Polished: Granite countertops are tough and get a shiny finish because the hot melted rock (magma) cools down slowly and forms crystals.

Resistant to Scratch: Due to the hardness of granite worktops, they resist any scratch and harm. If the worktop is sealed correctly, it also becomes stain-resistant.

Hygienic: Granite worktops are resistant to bacteria, dirt and water, making them easy to clean. So, maintaining a granite worktop is relatively easy; you can clean it with soap and water.

Adds to Home Value: Granite tops are very fancy and famous, making them a rare piece of your property and definitely increasing the value of your home.

Range of Colours: Granite worktops come in lighter and darker shades, which means you have a wide range of colours. You have the option to choose whatever colour suits your style and interior.

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Installation and Designing Process of Granite Countertops

  • Complete our form and let us know of your interest in granite worktops.
  • Our specialists will coordinate with you to get your requirements for granite worktops.
  • We let you decide your budget and how much you want to spend on it.
  • You need to choose the colour and pattern from our extensive range.
  • We have different textures, so you must determine whether you want a subtle or pronounced texture for your space.
  • Decide on how thick you want your slabs to be – 1.2, 2 or 3cm. Remember, a thicker slab means a higher budget.
  • You should not forget to choose your edges; they provide the finishing to your worktops and enhance their beauty.
  • After the above-mentioned steps, our team will reach your property and start the installation process.

Factors Affecting the Price of Granite Worktops in Edinburgh

Many factors can affect the price of granite kitchen worktops in Edinburgh:

Rarity: Granite is a naturally existing stone with huge colours and patterns; some are common, and some are very rare. According to the stone’s rarity, your worktop price will increase.

Dimension and Thickness: Granite comes in different sizes. A thicker slab will cost more than a thinner slab, but remember, a thick slab needs more support during installation. 

Complexity of Installation: Installation of granite worktops is easy, but if your space has complex cuts or corners, the installation process will have more complexities and cost you more.

Edge and Finish: Choose a simple edge if you don’t want to pay additional charges for the designed edge. The same goes for finish; a polished finish will cost you less while a leather finish will be expensive.

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Granite Tops UK proudly offers the most premium-quality granite worktops in Edinburgh. Our handcrafted worktops with a ten-year warranty are exactly what your house is missing. Visit us to go over our wide selection range of quartz countertops.

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Granite is considered a fancy option and gives a high-end look to any kitchen. Not only does it look great, but it is also handy and practical as a countertop.

Granite needs very little maintenance; it is super strong and won’t need replacing. Also, cleaning it is very easy. You can choose beautiful colours of granite kitchen countertops in Edinburgh, and each one adds a stylish touch.

Since they are waterproof, they last a long time and are very useful. They are resilient to scratch or harm, aren’t easily stained, and can handle high heat.