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Granite Worktops in Leeds

A kitchen is the heart of every house, and its transformation can bring a whole new look to your place. One way to make your kitchen more visually appealing is by installing granite worktops, a perfect material for the kitchen as it is resistant to heat, chipping, and cracking.

Granite Tops UK is the leading company specialising in providing a versatile selection of granite worktops in Leeds. With years of industry experience, we take pride in being one of the most trusted partners in the area.                          

Granite Worktop Advantages

Excellent Durability: Since granite is significantly stronger than other stones, it can endure stains, scratches, and low amounts of heat with adequate care and a quality sealer.

Wide Range of Colours: Granite occurs in a broad array of colours due to valuable and complex minerals trapped within the stone. You’ll be overwhelmed by choices, ranging from typical charcoal shades to lovely browns and speckled creams.

Natural Patterns: Because each slab of granite is unique, its pattern and hues reflect the geographical conditions and region under which it was formed.

Easy to Maintain: Granite is a porous stone, requiring very little maintenance with a high-quality sealer. Your granite worktops will last many years if you frequently wipe down spills and stains and prevent direct contact with hot pans and pots.

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Installation of Granite Kitchen Worktops

We execute the following procedure to install your granite kitchen worktop in Leeds.

Check the Placement: Once you have chosen your granite worktops, our professionals will get to work. We carefully place the slab over the worktop to ensure it fits properly. If it needs to be adjusted, we will mark the area that needs to be cut.

Cut the Slabs: A wet-handled saw is used to gently cut the designated area, allowing some space on the slab for smoothing and grinding the edges.

Install the Granite: Once the worktop has been correctly shaped, it is time to install it. Our team will install the countertop with a caulk gun and adhesive silicon. 

Smooth Rough Edges: An electric grinding tool is used carefully for this work to ensure the surface is smooth and levelled.

Granite Worktops Price

The cost of our granite kitchen countertops in Leeds is determined by the following factors:

Finishing Options: Different granite countertop finishes are available in the market at varying prices, such as high gloss finishes, which are more expensive than other types.

Worktop Dimensions: The width and length of the worktops significantly impact the price. As expected, the larger and thicker the worktop, the greater the price. 

Worktop Quality: Granite of grade level 3 and above is higher in quality than levels 1 and 2, raising the overall cost.

However, on average, the overall cost of granite worktops can range between £220 and £450 per m2, including the worktops, their installation and labour costs.

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Granite kitchen worktops are totally worth the money as they are harder, stronger, and can last much longer, thanks to their resistance against scratch, heat and stain.

Granite worktops are extremely durable, and they can last 15-20 years or even more if cared for properly.

The cost of granite worktops is affected by factors such as the dimensions and size of the worktop and the particular type of granite. Generally, on average, the cost is around £220 to £450 per m2. For a precise estimate, connect with our granite worktop suppliers in Leeds.