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Granite Worktops in Preston


Granite countertops are a popular option for contemporary kitchens, made from mined granite that is transformed into lava and cooled to form rocks. Being extremely durable, these granite rocks provide a long-lasting solution for kitchen countertops.

If you are searching for reliable worktop suppliers in Preston, Granite Tops UK delivers the highest-quality granite countertops. We make sure to cater for the needs of every customer by providing premium products that significantly add value to your home both monetarily and aesthetically.

Choose from a wide variety of colours, designs, and patterns for your granite worktop in Preston. We supply the best quality worktops to ensure you receive exceptional value for your money.

How Do Granite Worktops Benefit You?

The granite kitchen worktops in Preston we deliver are masterfully crafted to ensure they offer the maximum benefits.

Durable: Because granite is so heat-resistant, a hot pan can be set directly on top without damage. It is one of the hardest stones currently used for kitchen countertops and is not easily scratched or chipped.

Easy to Clean: Granite is simple to keep clean because it is resistant to dirt and bacteria. You can further protect it by sealing it, which makes it nonporous and ensures that nothing can seep into it and cause a stain.

Simple to Fix: A little chip in the granite can be easily fixed with hardening putty in the matching colour.

Increases the Value of Your Home: Granite countertops may not directly raise the price of your house, but they can make your kitchen more enticing to future buyers.

Unique: There are countless styles and patterns of granite countertops available; every piece of granite is different, giving your kitchen a personalised appearance. 

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Granite Kitchen Worktop Installation

The installation of our granite kitchen countertops in Preston involves the following steps:

Checking the Placement: Our experts will begin their work once we have made the deal. We carefully place the slab over the countertop to check whether it fits in place. If it needs some adjustment, we will mark the area that requires cutting.

Cutting the Slabs: To carefully cut the marked area, a wet-handled saw is used, leaving some space on the slab for grinding and smoothing the edges.

Setting the Granite in Place: After the worktop has been perfectly shaped, it’s time to fit it. Our crew will put the countertop slabs in place using adhesive silicon and a caulk gun. 

Smoothing Rough Edges: For this job, an electric grinding tool is used carefully to make sure the surface is levelled and smooth.

Granite Worktops Cost

The Granite worktops price varies with the following factors:

Worktop Size: The width and length of the worktops impact the price. The larger and thicker the worktop, the higher the overall price.

Worktop Quality: Many types of granite are of better quality than standard types, which will increase the overall cost.

Choice of Finish: Different granite countertop finishes are available in the market with varying costs, such as high gloss finish, which will cost you more than other types.


Granite worktops are a great investment as they are harder, stronger, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and durable, which eliminates the need for frequent repairs.

  • Wipe it with the help of a soft cloth soaked in a soap or detergent.
  • Avoid using an abrasive sponge or detergent to protect it from damage.
  • Use a suitable stand to place hot pans and dishes on the worktop instead of placing them directly on the surface.
  • Use a chopping board to cut and prepare meal ingredients.

Granite is extremely heat-resistant, allowing you to place hot pans without cracking or melting. 

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There is no fixed time for resealing your granite countertops; however, it is recommended to do it every 6-12 months to keep it in good condition.