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Quartz Worktops in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Enjoy a Resilient Kitchen

Quartz worktops stand unique among the magnificent ceramics for kitchen design and renovation. A pristine appearance, enhanced aesthetics, and greater functionality are the prominent features that make quartz worktops a preferable choice.

Added to these characteristics is the versatile range of quartz worktops, helping you choose a colour and texture that suits your taste for the kitchen interior.

Granite Tops UK houses the best quality quartz worktops in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We provide a whole range of colours and styles to suit your needs and preferences. Visit us to choose the countertops you find appealing and give your kitchen the look it deserves.

Stunning, Sustainable, and Strong Kitchen Worktops

Choosing our quartz countertops in Newcastle Upon Tyne will significantly enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

Visually Appealing: The stunning appearance is one of the prime characteristics of quartz kitchen countertops, speaking about your taste in crafts.

Easy Maintenance: With a smooth and durable surface, these worktops require easy wiping solutions without any specific cleaner.

Ultra-Hygienic: Built with innovative technology, these quartz kitchen worktops have anti-microbial properties, halting microbial growth in your kitchen and providing a hygienic environment.

Environmentally Friendly: Quartz kitchen worktops originate from natural materials, do not exhibit harmful emissions, and ensure improved air quality.

Stain Resistance: Manufactured from high-quality material, these countertops resist heat damage, stains and mould growth.

Incredible Durability: Our quartz kitchen worktops offer remarkable durability, enduring years of food preparations and culinary ventures.

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Versatile Colours and Styles to Match Your Taste

Granite Tops UK leaves no stone unturned to achieve quality and customer satisfaction. We cater to every client’s needs and taste with a rich collection of worktops exceeding 150 versatile colours and designs. From dull mustard shades to bright golden and shiny black shades, our vast collection goes beyond:

  • Absolute White
  • Ash Grey
  • Black Mirror
  • Emperor Gold
  • Orca
  • Latte
  • White Lava
  • New Gravel
  • White Mirror
  • Cloud
  • Cirrus
  • Arcilla Red
  • Calypso
  • Coral Cray
  • Cygnus
  • Helix
  • Lyra
  • Miami White

Visit us and select from the vast array of amazingly colourful countertops for your kitchen.

Comprehensive Services at One Platform

Granite Tops UK is where all your kitchen renovation concerns are addressed. As the UK’s trusted worktop suppliers, we provide specialised installation services to our commercial and domestic clients. We ensure our quartz countertops comply with all the standards of a meticulous installation with added functionality and beauty:

Purity: Purity of material is the primary standard we promise to our clients.

Uniformity: With an even distribution of aggregated particles, our worktops offer a pristine texture, giving your workplace an ultimate shine.

Exceptional Hardness: Our worktops are resilient to scratches and ensure greater longevity.

Well-Planned Installations: Our professionals guarantee that your worktop installations are coherent with your kitchen layout.

Competitive Costs for Your Convenience

Customer convenience is the core of our policy, whether it’s the availability of the best quality quartz worktops at our showroom or error-free installations.

Providing our services at competitive rates is another initiative of Granite Tops UK for customers’ ease. Our affordable packages enable you to easily avail of our premium quality products and services. Reach us and benefit from our customer-friendly services.


Quartz worktops offer excellent strength, making them the most durable material for home interiors. Also, quartz is non-porous, rich in colour schemes and stain-resistant. All these features make quartz a popular choice for kitchen worktops.

As compared to other materials like marble, granite and slate, quartz’s price is much more economical.

Yes, these worktops work for any type of sink.

The quartz can bear a maximum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a metal trivet or hot pad before placing your hot utensils on quartz worktops for enhanced protection.

The cost is subject to the size of your kitchen and the type of quartz you need for your kitchen. You can consult with our expert installers for a more precise estimate.