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Silestone Worktops in Manchester


Silestone countertops stand as a remarkably reliant surface crafted from 90% natural quartz. Beyond their captivating visual appeal, these exquisite countertops offer exceptional practicality for any household. They are stain-resistant – a perfect choice for households that are no strangers to spills and messes.

Silestone worktops set an unmatched standard for durability and value, surpassing many conventional worktop surface materials. Visit us to check the vast variety of colours and patterns of premium-class Silestone worktops in Manchester.

Benefits of Silestone Worktops

Exceptional Durability

Silestones are crafted from remarkable natural Quartz. This composition results in a surface that’s incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Stunning Aesthetics

Silestone offers a wide range of exquisite colours and patterns to suit every style and design preference. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of marble, the contemporary allure of concrete or the classic charm of granite, siltstone has a finish that will complement your interior perfectly.

Versatile Applications

Silestone worktops are popular, and their versatility extends far beyond that. Consider using Silestone in the bathroom for elegant vanity tops and shower surrounds. It provides a cohesive and stylish look to your home.

Stain Resistance

Silestone is resistant to acid, scratching and stains, making it ideal for households with active kitchens. Spills and messes are no match for this remarkable material, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, hassle-free living space.

Timeless Investment

Silestone countertops are designed to stay elegant always, and they come with a 25-year warranty. Silestone ensures that your investment remains a valuable and timeless addition to your home.


Silestone offers the advantage of customisation, allowing you to tailor your worktops according to your needs and preferences.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining Silestone worktops couldn’t be simpler. With minimal effort, you can keep your surfaces looking remarkable for years.

Customise Your Silestone Worktops

Silestone is a very versatile material; it comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, designs and textures, so choosing the suitable type is difficult. Some fundamental factors need to be considered when choosing a Silestone worktop.

Colours and Patterns

Firstly, choose a colour and pattern from the collection of our Silestone according to your space and interior. You can also choose different Silestone for different applications.

Choose Edges

Customisation allows you to choose the style of edges by keeping in mind the colour and texture of Silestone. Common edges are straight, chamfered, bevelled, round, etc.


It allows you to choose the size of worktop you need, and measurement is an essential step; wrong measurements can lead to problems.


You can choose thickness according to the application; the thickness of Silestone is usually 1.2, 2, and 3cm. Thick slabs provide more luxurious looks, but they also come with more cost.


It’s a once-in-a-lifetime investment, so the budget should be according to it and determined according to the choice and application of Silestone.

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Cost of Silestone Worktop

The cost of a Silestone worktop in Manchester can be affected by different factors. However, it is essential to consider all these factors to determine the price of the Silestone worktop.

  • Colours and texture of the material
  • Edges of worktop
  • Length and width of worktop
  • Quality of material
  • Thickness and designs
  • Complexity of application

Considering the above factors, the average price can be around £572 per square meter and can vary according to the choice of material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Silestone is made of Quartz with a Mohs hardness rating of 7, which is more rigid than popular natural stones like marble and limestone, making Silestone a durable choice.

Silestone is usually more expensive than granite per square foot, although some exotic granite varieties can be on par with quartz pricing.

Silestone kitchen worktops in Manchester exhibit remarkable impact resistance, enabling them to endure the daily wear and tear of a bustling kitchen.

Silestone surfaces boast a high quartz content, up to 94%. These slabs are expertly crafted using a combination of resins and adhesives, resulting in exceptional and durable surfaces.